Serengeti Balloon Accident (SBA) was first published on 5 March 2013, this is the innovation of myself, long-standing hot air balloon safety advocate Capt Nigel, former pilot & safety officer for Uk owned Serengeti Balloon Safaris Ltd (SBS) prior to this site going public  was the forerunner. Unfortunately having correctly predicted that there would be a tragedy in the Serengeti to a large extent intensified investigations into the balloon rides industry.

Whilst being interviewed by the Independent on Sunday surrounding the world's worst balloon accident   in which 19 passengers were killed in the Egyptian fiasco, I stated that I was surprised that such an accident had not come out of Turkey. When reporter Matthew Bell  enquired   as to why I had concerns for  the Turkish flying area of Cappadocia, I'd explained various anomalies.

  British pilots refusing to fly in Turkey after revolver incident

One of such anomalies  was the the widely reported use of firearms, so used in order to encourage pilots to fly in unfavourable conditions. Some British pilots are refusing to work there for this reason. Nevertheless of prime For my  passenger safety concern was the sheer volume of balloons in the sky at anyone time that could have totalled as many as 127, a clear indication  that it was just a matter of time before we to see a third fatal accident in that area.   With tragic consequences we didn't have to wait long.

  Turkey, not the first midair collision midair collision

Weeks after the Egyptian disaster, a midair collision between two balloons took place exactly as I had predicted in the Cappadocia flying area, again producing more injuries and fatalities.  however these countries were not alone, Switzerland Australia all contributed in making 2013 the worst year on record for the balloon rides industry. My experience with Turkey brought about a third website  of where you can see some startling revelations regarding the good image of ballooning, I very much doubt that we seen the last of accidents in this flying area.

Powerline concern for UK balloon rides  operators

Whilst I would have no hesitation in stating that the UK ballooning fertility  may have   high standards  then say Egypt's or Turkey, I can't help but notice that there's been an increase in balloons crashing into power lines. As many would understand powerline incursions  are almost inevitable for light aircraft, particularly for  hot air balloons for the  simple reason balloons do not have designated landing areas. With the UK relatively cramped & overcrowded,  by necessity the National Grid saving every corner of the country,  bring about the proliferation of  high-voltage pylons. For these reasons I would say that it's highly likely that the UK is on track for a similar accident that we witnessed taking place in New Zealand when all 11 on board was electrocuted.

 Whilst many around the world, particularly Australia and the USA gave support to my concerns, strangely the same could not be said for the UK. In 2010 I was to receive a warning that by going public, regardless of the validties of my safety concerns, I would not have any friends in the UK balloon rides industry, furthermore going on to say that would find  difficult to get work. not content with that the author went on to state that   “safety is a swearword” “and anyone that attempts to do anything about it is frowned upon, especially if its going to cost money”.

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